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Find out what God might be saying to you!

Am I addicted to anything?

Free Indeed

Everybody else may struggle with addiction, not me! Jesus assumes that we are all enslaved to something!

What do Exclusivity and Inclusivity have in common?

The Elephant in the room

"Stating that everyone needs to be inclusive, is an exclusive statement in and of itself."

If Jesus attended a Premier League football match, what would he say?

Gods of The Premier League

We are all worshippers, the real question! Is the thing I'm worshipping, worth worshipping?


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Ideas worth pondering


Is what you want, what you really want? If it is, then why do you always want something else?


When we find ourselves in a season of loss and despair. How should we navigate them?


Strengthen your walk with God!

Suddenly a voice came to him and said, “What are you doing here?”
1 Kings 19:13

What are you doing Here? Have you ever paused long enough to answer this question? Well, God asks us this all the time. In this book, let’s wrestle together to find out what He has to say. It’s personal, to the point and won’t take you a whole year to read. If you’re interested in purchasing this book click the link below for details.